• What does Rockzorz Mean?

    It can be used as a verb, adjective, or if you are that creative even a noun.


    How to use it in a sentence...

    This is rockzorz!  I had so much rockzorz! Look at that rockzorz hat! Wow, your hair looks rockzorz!


    Our Company

    The Life at Rockzorz

    Don't let our artistic edge and fashion style scare you. We are very modest folk and love bringing joy to all of our customers that we serve.

    We only do crazy hair fun if you request it.

  • Our History


    Rockzorz Corporation was founded by Erin J Throw and Galaxia L Martin in 2007. Erin J Throw is the creative talent, and Galaxia L Martin manages the business aspects of the salon. Erin J Throw is a hairstylist that has several years of experience in the hair industry from hair shows, to mentoring upcoming talent, she has done it all. Galaxia L Martin was a very well-known DJ (www.djgstring.com ) in Illinois. She has worked with several large contacts in the music industry from Chicago, New York, to Los Angeles, and she continues to learn from her business endeavors. 
    Erin and Galaxy decided to create this company to create a foundation to help people. Rockzorz is one of the few high-end salon’s that offer affordable prices on all services. They are both extremely determined and dedicated to Rockzorz Mission.
    Rockzorz Corporation plans to create several programs to help others. Click on our Adventures to read more about our plans.  



  • Fashion Expressed through Hair


    Rockzorz Non-Profit Foundation

    • Home Rescue Fund will help the elderly or poor with problems that they may have in their home (ex. roof leaking, insect infestation, broken stove, washer/dryer)

    • Home Donations will assist on getting the homeless in homes to start their life anew.

    • Scholarship will help students in school, but also parents who can't afford to pay for their children's books or new clothing.

    • Food Drives will occur every month at Rockzorz Salon & Spa.

    • One Chance Fund will help people who are stuck in a bind from either losing their job, family member being ill and their medical bills caused them financial damage, and/or etc.


    +RZ Digg - Group buying websites but at a smaller scale and geared towards local businesses – www.rzdigg.com – Coming end of 2013
    +Rockzorz Recreational Park in 2018 – Hint: think about it like this…summer, music, skateboarding, dirt biking…
    +Moirai Band = Galaxy aka Galaxia on Bass/Vocals/Turntables Erin on Drums and their best friend Will on guitar/keys. www.moiraiband.com
    +ITYFAD = Create your own unique style “IT” – www.ityfad.com




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